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Thank Him for Voting to Protect America’s Prescription Drug Supply.

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President Trump is taking on insurance “middlemen” by ensuring that rebates on prescription drugs actually get to consumers, as intended.

Currently, middlemen negotiate with a drug manufacturer for a drug’s list price, after which a manufacturer will offer a rebate intended for patients to help bring down the cost of expensive drugs.

The problem: these insurers aren’t passing on the rebates to patients.

Who loses out? American families trying to afford their medicine.

U.S. Food and Drug Administrator Scott Gottlieb put it best, explaining that using rebates to “subsidize premium costs” while leaving patients with high out-of-pocket costs is unsustainable and unfair.

President Trump’s Administration is taking on middlemen by ensuring that rebates get to patients, bringing down costs for families and ending the system which encourages price increases.

Will government price setting lower the costs of her prescription drugs?

Will government rationing increase his access to new, life-saving medicines?

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President Trump Makes America Greater by Working to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs 

The Trump Rebate Plan Will Help America's Seniors